Anita C.
"The food and the value is unbeatable.
We were looking for places to eat after shopping in Woodbury outlets and this was not far from it and still open for another hour after outlet closed at 9 Pm. Place is clean. Each table has ketchup, salt, and pepper.

Found parking space no problem in the lot. When we went it was a little past 9 pm. No other customers were there when we went. We were starving. Always a fan of simple menus, in this case, just pick the size of plate: small $6, medium $8, large $12. I got the small which looked like a decent portion already, and then got rice, beans (black or brown), and a meat (stewed chicken, stewed beef, shredded pork, or stewed pork).

I liked that the lady who helped us, I assume is the daughter, was helpful when I couldn't decide what meat I wanted. On reviews I've heard good things about the shredded pork, she told me that since it's end of the night, it's a little dry. Appreciate the honest girl! Got the chicken stew and was happy with it. The thighs were whole and tasty, not dry at all. I tried husband's beef stew which was also very good, probably liked it better.

We were pretty content and full after the small size takeout platter. And for just $6! Definitely coming back here again next time I'm done shopping at Woodbury!"


Che S.
"This place is absolutely the best for amazing food and friendly awesome staff. Fresh delicious food all the time you have to come here matter of fact come now you will not regret it."


Josie G.
"I can't believe I spent less than $20 here on food for both myself and my husband - and it took us two sittings to finish it!! I got shrimp mofongo (which I think is actually the most expensive thing on the menu, if that gives you any idea about their pricing) and he got pulled pork with rice and beans - we barely made a dent in it the first night!

My Mofongo had so much sauce on it, and tasted great! However it did not make very good leftovers and was incredibly hard/dense. Filling for sure!

My husband's pulled pork with rice & beans was very good! I think it was only about $6 or $7 and made for delicious leftovers!!"


Autum D.
"Love this place. Been coming here for years. It's casual, quick and easy. My favorite thing from here is the chicken stew. The meat falls right off the bone.The best part is that my dish which consists of rice &beans, chicken stew and plantains is only $10!"

Rose G.
"I've never had a meal here that was disappointing, although I definitely have my favorites!
The stewed chicken is delicious and the oxtail is the BEST (although I wish they served it more often.) Everyday they have a different special and I'd definitely advise asking about them.
They have legit beverages too, so get a mango or tamarind soda.

PS Danny's chicken soup is my cure-all. When I had a terrible cold, the soup healed me. When I was having allergies, the soup healed me. When I was having just a bad day, the soup healed me. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, whenever I'm planning on going out with friends, I'll get a chicken soup to store for the next morning because it's the best hangover cure of ALL TIME.

PPS Try getting a rib cut up, it's delicious."


Rebecca M.
"The amount of love I have for puerto rican food is insane. I could eat puerto rican food every night if that was the case (actually not every night I need to keep my figure haha).

I'm not sure how Danny's pricing is because I don't really get receipts from there.
An empanada, soda and dish (choice of rice, choice of beans, and choice of meat is around $15). The portion is huge too! I always get the yellow rice, red beans and beef stew with Pernil (shredded pork) Don't forget the Maduros (sweet plantains).

Anyway, the food is amazing."


Casey H.
"Great food and great customer service. My gf is PR and vouched for authenticity of the food. Will definitely go back when I'm in town."


Kenny G.
"Best Spanish joint in Newburgh, get the lunch special with 2 scoops of yellow rice, red beans with extra sauce, pork with some chicharrones and the sweet plantains. Beef empanadas are legit and the fried potato balls are just as good. Oh don't forget there house made garlic and hot sauce need that. Everything on the menu is great but this is my go too. All that for around/under $10."


Ime A.
"Great place, authentic food and it's delicious. The staff is great , the ladies that serve you are courteous and very friendly. You can't beat the prices either, overall very solid place. I recommend people eat from here."


Pete B.
"Great Cuban sandwich and nice staff. Not overpriced. Always play cooking shows in the tv which I like when I'm hungry."


Alexis R.
"This place made my evening!!!!!
Fresh, delicious food and, excellent flavor.
Morirsoñando great Dominican drink. Tostones delicious!!!
Sweet plantains so good!!!!
Pork skin
For sure I'm coming back with more friends."